Privacy policy 

By downloading or receiving media from this Kropf Innovation you agree to the following: Media is soley owned by Kropf Innovation LLC. Kropf Innovation LLC only gives you permission for an MLS use license, or any other license agreed upon by the client and Kropf Innovation LLC. (Does not apply to the same agent re-listing an unsold property, or any commercial properties.) This license authorizes you to use this content for small advertising such as any form of social media, MLS, and other listing platforms. If implementing the delivered content for large scale advertisement (billboards, radio stations, television etc.) you must contact Kropf Innovation LLC before doing so.  


Any content owned by Kropf Innovation LLC may be used for advertising or promoting the services of Kropf Innovation LLC.  If the content is used for advertising or promotional purposes (Website portfolios, or social media promotions) there will be no information included that could link the location or name of the property owners. If the home contains sensitive items such as artwork that should not be displayed in the forms mentioned above please notify Kropf Innovation LLC.